City of Sadness?

Ruins, JiuFen, Taiwan

JiuFen (九份), a mountain town near Keelung that became famous due to director Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s movie, A City of Sadness.  The nostalgic charm of the old town as seen in the film was the reason why many Taiwanese city folks flocked to JiuFen back in the 90s.

Today Jiufen remains  a bustling tourist destination… tea houses, eateries and souvenir stores are her main attractions… nonetheless,  if you look hard enough, traces of its past are still evident.

九份因为侯孝贤的<悲情城市>而改变了命运。商业化的侵 扰才是她的悲情所在。仅存的一些残旧楼房让我不禁幻想起已流逝的纯朴风情。

Ink and Copic markers on 4×6″ card


En route to Tarako

Rice field, HuaLien, Taiwan

Rural charm, as seen on board the Tarako train to HuaLien County, the getaway town to Tarako Gorge.

Ink and Copic markers on 4×6″ card.

Rocky shore

Geological Park, YeLiu, Taiwan

A view from YeLiu, northern Taiwan. YeLiu is famous for its bizarre rock formations in the Geological Park. I was more attracted to the pounding waves from the Pacific…

Ink and Copic markers on 4×6″ card.

KeeLung again

Hill side buildings, KeeLung, Taiwan

Another installment of my series on KeeLung.

Ink and Copic markers on 4×6″ card

Beauty in chaos

Plumbing and sanitary stack, Hong Kong

As seen on the facade of an old residential building in Hong Kong. The pipework resembles creepers growing and flourishing in an organic fashion.

Ink & Copic markers on 4×6″ card.

Step right up

Steep steps, Keelung, Taiwan

Steep steps, Keelung, Taiwan

I knew KeeLung as a port city but not as a ‘ hilly’ port city…  😉

Ink and Copic Markers on 4X6″ card.

Ship #01

Container Ship, West Coast, Singapore

Did this sketch today. Was inspired by one of my favourite artists, Christian Schellewald. This was an actual scene from Pasir Panjang Container Terminal.

Ink and Copic markers on 4×6″ card.